About Family Life Insurance And Other Protection Products.



Paid out by insurers daily
on family life insurance claims in 2021.



Of claims
paid out in 2021.



Paid out in protection
policies in 2021.



Workers a year unable to work
due to sickness or injury.

  Why choose us for family life insurance?



Everyone’s family life is different. That’s why we tailor your policy and give free protection advice. Also, helping you save TIME & MONEY by putting your policies in trust. Ensuring that any pay-out is declared free from inheritance tax.



We work with a number of companies, giving us the ability to help you find the cheapest policy that meets your needs.



All the companies that we work with are 5* Defaqto rated. This means you can compare your family life insurance and other protection quotes with the top insurance companies in the UK.

How it works


Family life insurance made simple

Step one
Fill out a quick form on our website
Step 2
Have a quick chat with one of our Financial Conduct Authority approved advisors
Step 3
Sit back and relax knowing you and your loved ones are now protected

FAQ’s About Family Life Insurance

How much does it cost?

Our advice to you is fee free – you will never be charged a fee
The price of your protection policy depends on your circumstances; however, they could start from as little as £3 pound a week.

Why do I need to speak to someone? Can’t it be done online?

When it comes to personal protection it is important to get it right. In order for us to give you tailored financial advice we need to understand your situation perfectly and the best way to get to know you is over the phone.

Why do you need to know if I smoke?

Unfortunately smoking contributes to a higher risk of death, and insurers need to know this when assessing your policy. It is important to always tell the truth and not doing so could lead to your claim being invalid and not paying out.

What is the exact aim of family life insurance?

To provide your family with a financial safety net to cover for your loss or to provide you with financial support in times you will need it most.

Why do you specialise?

We make sure that we reach out to those who would benefit from the products we offer, the most. That is why we have an expert dedicated team that specialises in each sector so that we can find the right policy for them.

If it is free how do you make money?

We get paid a commission by the provider for each policy that we help set up. There are no other hidden costs and we will never charge a fee for any advice that we give.