What Is Mortgage Protection Life Insurance?

  • Mortgage protection pays off your mortgage in full if you were to pass.
  • Protects your loved ones from inheriting the debt of your mortgage in the event of your death.
  • Protection starting from £6* a month.
  • Covers interest only and repayment mortgages.

What mortgage protection life insurance products are available?

Decreasing Term cover :

Decreasing term mortgage protection life insurance is usually used to cover a repayment mortgage.

The value of the sum assured goes down over the term of the policy.

So, decreasing term cover is the best way to protect a repayment mortgage, since the amount you’re covered for can be set to go down along with your mortgage.

Level Term cover :

Level term life insurance is usually used to cover an interest only mortgage.

With an interest-only mortgage, the outstanding loan balance remains constant over time because only the interest is being paid.

As the level of debt remains constant over time, so should the amount of life insurance coverage. Level term insurance pays out a lump sum which would pay off your interest only mortgage in full.

With level term insurance, the amount of coverage remains constant throughout time, making it the policy of choice for an interest-only mortgage.

Mortgage Protection Cover
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Key questions to ask yourself if you haven’t got mortgage protection life insurance:

  • Would your family be able to pay off the mortgage without your income?
  • If the house got repossessed, where would your family stay?
  • Would you be able to continue paying your mortgage if you became critically ill.
  • Would your death effect your family financially?
  • Would your loved ones be able to pay off the mortgage and the running costs of the home?

Mortgage protection life insurance with critical illness.



Heart Attack

Loss Of Limbs

Organ Failure

Cardiac arrest

Up to 50+ illnesses* covered under Critical Illness Cover.
Statistically, you are much more likely to become critically ill than to pass away.
That is why we recommend adding critical illness coverage to your life insurance policy for an additional fee.  This will pay off your mortgage if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness that is under the terms of the policy.

Don't just purchase your mortgage protection life insurance through your lender! Compare your quotes.

The cost of life insurance can differ greatly amongst insurers. This means that the coverage provided by your lender is unlikely to be the most cost-effective choice.

It’s always a good idea to compare quotes to ensure you get full protection at the best price.

It is not required to get life insurance through your mortgage provider, though it is likely that they will encourage you to do so because they will earn a commission.

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